29 November 2019

The Best 2019 Keto Black Friday Deals

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Happy Black Friday! I'm pretty sure everyone is either on the 'love it' or 'hate it' side of Black Friday, and let me tell you, I TOTALLY am on the 'love it' side. Good deals make me so happy and I love fun and convenient keto products (though of course they're not necessary for a keto diet). Below are some of the best finds on my radar. 

Spoiler alert: I found a deal on Quest protein chips and even how to get 19 ten-inch keto pizzas and 16 keto breakfast sandwiches for under $76 (AKA $1.65 per meal)!

Feel free to comment if there are things I am missing that I should consider adding!

High Key Snacks
High Key Snacks cookies are seriously amazing! For starters, a serving size is six cookies (sure, they're mini, but hey, who doesn't want to eat six cookies!?), and they're only 150 calories and 1g net carb per serving. You can use code 20WOW at this link to get 20% off.

If you buy the 12-pack variety bundle (which is 24 servings), that brings you down to just $3.06 per bag and $1.53 per serving (when they normally sell on Amazon for $4.66 per bag and $2.33 per serving). Note that free shipping is over $40 though, so you might want to add something else to your cart. They recently came out with a brownie mix I use to make amazing chocolate cake, and just this week they launched a pancake mix! I haven't tried the new pancake mix yet, but in general, I am a big fan of their products and have never been let down.

Keto Krate
As you probably know, I'm a huge Keto Krate fan. Between being able to try things individually to see if I like them and how they are on my BG before buying in bulk and being able to stay on top of the latest keto products, I've been a happy subscriber since 2016. Right now, you can use code BLACKFRIDAY at this link to get 40% off
This brings your overall price down to $23.99, and there's free shipping. There's typically ~12 snacks in the Krate per month (though I don't believe they promise that number), and all are gluten free. You can cancel subscriptions on their online portal at any time if you've been looking to try it but aren't sure you want to commit, too. 

Kiss My Keto: Gummy Bears, Bars & More
Kiss My Keto gummy bears are one of my daily staples. They're only 54 calories per bag and have no glycemic effect for me personally (unlike some other 'smart' spike city gummy I won't name). The other thing I love from Kiss My Keto are their Chocolate Peanut Butter bars. Easily one of the best bars on the market! I also make amazing peanut butter brownies with them. For Black Friday, if you spend $70, you get 20% off (code BFCM20). (They also have spend $100 get 25% off (code BFCM25) and spend $130 get 30% off (code BFCM30).
Now the above is just one of many combos, of course, but this made gummies just about $1 per bag for me! Aside from gummies and these bars, I also really enjoy their Birthday Cake protein powder and their chocolate bars (they have whole pieces of nuts and seeds in them!), but for now, I'm sticking to my must-haves.

Perfect Keto: Trail Mix, Chocolate Covered Nuts & More
Perfect Keto is offering 20% off 1 item, 30% off 2 items, 40% off 3-4 items and 50% off 5+ items. They have tons of different products and this deal allows you to 'build your own bundle'. Some of my favorites are the new unique flavored nut butters (Chocolate Hazelnut, Snickerdoodle and Almond Butter & Jelly), chocolate snacks (ie chocolate covered almonds and macadamia nuts, and trail mix which has chocolate covered sunflower seeds), their whey protein powder, and their collagen. 
The above is just one of many examples, of course, but it shows you how you can get 10 bags of keto trail mix for under $55 (with free shipping), or just about $5.50 per bag. There are six servings per bag, so it's less than $1 per serving, and the mix is actually quite filling. Sure, you could make a trail mix yourself, but it's super convenient having a pre-made mix, and I can't find keto chocolate covered sunflower seeds anywhere else and that's the highlight of the mix for me. I take a bag with me almost every time I travel! 

Enlightened Ice Cream: Keto Collection
I sure hope you've heard of the Enlightened Keto Collection by now! It is by FAR my favorite keto ice cream on the market (even better than homemade), and it is magical on my blood sugars! For Black Friday their sale is Buy One, Get One 50% off, plus free shipping! Now if you have your flavor of choice in store locally, this isn't actually a savings likely (and lucky you!). But if you don't, this can save you money in a major way.
It brings it down to about $6 per pint, which again is more than the ~$5 I pay in store, but good option if it's your only option!

Quest Chips
I eat these nearly everyday, and since they're far from cheap, I really go all out whenever there is a sale! Right now, there's a deal spend $100 get $25 on the Quest site for the first 500 customers (discount automatically applied at checkout), plus there's free shipping over $65. (You can also claim a mystery item, though I have absolutely no idea if it's anything keto-related. But hey, Black Friday surprises add to the fun!)
So what's the end result of this sale, including all discounts? $75.38 for 48 bags of the chips (6 boxes of 8) = $1.57 per bag! Not bad at all considering they're usually $2.12 per bag on Amazon if you buy a box. (And maybe a $0.55 savings doesn't sound all that great to you, but when you're buying dozens of bags, I'll take it!)

Real Good Foods
For Black Friday, Real Good Foods is giving a free mixed case of breakfast sandwiches with ANY food order. That's 16 breakfast sandwiches (8 bacon breakfast sandwiches and 8 sausage breakfast sandwiches)! They sell products individually, but you're still probably better meeting their $69.99 free shipping minimum because otherwise shipping is $25 flat (they ship frozen, which is why it's so high). That said, they have some products that are super discounted right now, so you can truly get some amazing deals. For example, their large, 10" cauliflower crust cheese and veggie pizzas are only $3.99 each. That's a steal considering it's two meals for me and around $6.50 at my Walmart. 
Now I know you may want more variety than the above, but for purposes of illustrating how great of a deal this is, you can get 19 pizzas and 16 breakfast sandwiches for under $76. For me, eating half a 10" pizza and 2 breakfast sandwiches for a meal, that's 46 meals, or just about $1.65 per meal.

Heka Good Foods
Heka Keto Bars are newer to the market, and let's just say their Blueberry Muffin Bar in particular is quickly becoming one of my favorite keto products! For Black Friday, they're doing 20% off any order with code THANKS20 and 30% off $100+ with code THANKS30.
Their bars aren't cheap (as with the sale it's still $2.27 per bar), but it'll still save you over $35! The texture of them is unlike anything else on the keto market that I've seen, and they are incredibly BG friendly for me! 

Keto Candy Girl Mixes
I love baking from scratch, but when I can only do light baking, Keto Candy Girl Mixes are my go-to. These taste so legit it's crazy...better than most keto homemade cookie recipes I've tried! One of their key ingredients is lupin flour, which I am a HUGE fan of when it comes to cookies. For Black Friday, all of their mixes are $10.99 each, when they are normally $13.99-$15.99. The mixes themselves are all incredible on my BGs, but friendly word of caution to T1s reading this, the Choc Zero syrups are spike city for me (they aren't made by Keto Candy Girl, but they're sold on her site).

Nui Cookies
No photo description available.
Nui recently came out with new allulose-sweetened cookies, and they are SO good (and very BG-friendly, unlike the last Nui in my experience). They're especially good microwaved for 10 seconds. For Black Friday, they're doing buy one get one 50% off with code BFBOGO50.

Lolli's Cookie Clusters

Lolli's Pumpkin Spice Cookie Clusters are my absolute favorite, and they're seasonal so unfortunately they will no longer be available starting midnight Saturday 11/30. The good news is for Black Friday, you can use code PUMPKIN to get Pumpkin Spice for $10 per bag (minimum order of two bags). This saves you $15! 

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