Featured in Romper's "12 Keto Dessert Recipes You Have To Try To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth"

"I'm not a super big cake fan — except for cheesecake. So at our wedding, my husband and I decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake (which neither of us would have liked or eaten) and opted for boxes of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for ourselves and our guests. There's nothing like a warm, decadent, Krispy Kreme doughnut, am I right? So these Glazed Donuts from Caroline's Keto Kitchen definitely caught my eye — especially when she said they were "light and fluffy" as she was "trying to steer away from the heavy, cakey, low-carb donut." You'll just need eggs, almond flour, coconut flour, egg white protein powder, cream cheese, cashew milk, Swerve, salt, baking powder, vanilla, butter, heavy whipping cream, and doughnut pans. Also, I was not aware such a thing existed — doughnut pans — and now I kinda wish I didn't."

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Featured in Lifestyle for Real Life's "My Favorite Keto Recipe Blogs"

"Last, but not least, is a little Keto recipe blog called Caroline’s Keto Kitchen and it’s a gem. Caroline’s got that special something about her. Her website feels like it’s your friend from college who found the Keto secret and she’s sharing it with her bff’s. And as a blogger, I have a thing about the “feel” of your website. Caroline could be the biggest Keto blogger on the block (maybe she is?), but her site feels personal. It’s like, instead of going to Walmart, you’re going to the mom and pop shop in the center of town. Her keto recipes are totally approachable. Nothing feels like it’s too much work for the average home cook. She’s also got a great Instagram. Nothing super fancy. Nothing that makes you feel like you’re doing life wrong because you don’t have peonies in every corner of your house. Just simple pictures of simple food done simply well. One more thing to love about Caroline. She HAND MADE macaroni for low carb Macaroni & Cheese. Pretty awesome."

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