18 August 2019

Keto Cookies and Cream Bark

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So as you may have seen, I posted a Keto Double Stuffed "Oreo" Recipe today. I certainly don't need to eat all of them, so I put some of the sandwiches to good use: Keto Cookies and Cream Bark. I used my new white chocolate from Let's Bake Believe, which I got at Walmart. The stuff is dangerous! 


Keto Double Stuffed "Oreo" Sandwiches
255g Let's Bake Believe white chocolate chips
(optional) Melted white chocolate and dark chocolate for bark drizzle 


1) Cut 3 Keto Double Stuffed "Oreo" Sandwiches into small pieces.

2) Empty a bag of white chocolate chips into a large bowl and melt it in the microwave, stirring every 15 seconds or so. (Don't add any oil, they melt nicely on their own and may not harden if you do).

3) Take half of your cookie sandwich pieces and mix them in to the melted white chocolate.

4) Spread the mixture thinly onto a sheet of parchment paper.

5) Take the remaining cookie pieces and sprinkle them on top (you may want to slightly press them in).

6) If you want a chocolate drizzle (it makes it prettier!), melt more white and/or semi-sweet/dark chocolate and drizzle it on top. (I used an icing bag, but you can also cut off the corner of a Ziploc bag). 

7) Freeze until hardened.

8) Remove from freezer and break into bark pieces.

9) Enjoy!

Picture Instructions:

Nutrition Facts:

These vary too much based on the size of the bark pieces, size of your Oreo sandwiches, amount of chocolate drizzle used etc., so I am intentionally not calculating nutrition facts so I don't mislead anyone. :) 


  1. I love all kinds of bark recipes, and this one looks really good! Saving it to try soon.
    Tip: What I do when I present a recipe that is hard to pin down number of servings, is to include the nutrition for the entire batch. That way people have at least something to go by when considering whether the recipe will work for them. Just an idea for future. With something like this bark, I would also say "divide into XX servings," and then give the serving macros. (Roxana from Aunt Rocky's Low Carb Recipes.)

    1. Hope you enjoy it!! :) And thanks for the tip! I have done that occasionally, but the tricky part of this one it uses pieces from another recipe, and I have no idea how big their Oreo sandwiches were haha.


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