15 February 2018

Air Fried Shoestring Turnip Fries

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About 3 years ago, I tried making turnip fries. I had never tried something so gross in my life. Seriously though, I thought it'd be my first and last turnip. I cut them too thick and didn't season them or cook them nearly enough. I recently got an air fryer, however, and kept coming across fantastic-looking curly fry recipes on Pinterest. So, it was time for turnip #2. I am pleased to report, I actually really enjoyed this turnip. They were crispy, salty and satisfying.


1 large turnip
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 tsp paprika
1/2 tsp parsley
1/2 tsp garlic salt
salt to taste (I always use a freaking ton of salt)


1) Wash a turnip.

2) Peel the turnip with a potato peeler.

3) Cut the turnip into 4 pieces.

4) Use a veggie spiralizer to create turnip spirals. (Note: this will be much less smooth than spiralizing a zucchini. I had turnip everywhere and couldn't get as long of spirals).

5) Mix the spirals with the olive oil, paprika, garlic salt, salt and parsley.

6) Cook at 380 degrees in an air fryer for 7 minutes. 

7) Shake fries, and return to air fryer for 8 minutes or until slightly burnt (the burnt ones taste better, I promise!).

8) Enjoy!

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  1. I actually love making turnip noodles instead of zoodles. I use the thicker setting on the spiralizer and once cooked (microwave until al dente) the textures is really great and they actually do a good job of absorbing sauces.

    Going to try the fries this weekend.

    1. Wow, creative idea on the turnip noodles! Thanks for sharing!


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