02 April 2016

The Real Deal Bread (Large Loaf)

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You guys, I'm so happy right now. I've made countless loaves of bread the past few months, including 3 loaves today, and I finally have come up with the perfect loaf of bread. Unlike most low carb breads that taste fairly eggy, I find this bread to be awesome in taste and texture. It's light, fluffy and bread-y. Seriously, it's my new go-to, and it's even convinced my dad to continue eating low carb after I leave tomorrow (I've been at my parents' house all week). 

I made this bread recipe in 3 sizes, based on which size loaf pan you have. Make sure you're using the right recipe. This recipe is for loaf pans larger than 9" by 5". If you have a 9" by 5" loaf pan, I recommend using this recipe. If you have a loaf pan smaller than 9" by 5", check out this recipe. For size purposes, below is a picture of the large bread next to a piece of my mom's Bunny bread.

8 eggs 
8 oz cream cheese
1.5 cups egg white protein powder (I use the NOW brand)
1 cup sour cream
2/3 cup almond flour (I recommend using a fine almond flour and not almond meal)
2 tsp salt
2 squeezes Whole Earth (a monk fruit liquid concentrate)
2 tsp baking soda
5 tsp baking powder
1.5 cup golden flax seed meal (I do not recommend normal flax seed meal, as it alters the color and texture)

P.S. Whole Earth is a new monk fruit liquid concentrate. It tastes much better than stevia, so I do really recommend using it. It helps give this loaf the "slight sweetness" of normal bread.


1) Pre-heat convection oven to 350 degrees. (If you don't have a convection bake option, that's fine, it will just take longer to bake, as noted in step 9).

2) Separate 8 eggs. Put the whites in a standing mixer bowl for later use. Put the yolks in a large bowl.

3) Melt 8 oz cream cheese in the microwave until fully melted.

4) Mix the cream cheese with the egg yolks until super smooth. (If your cream cheese is "chunking," I highly recommend putting the mixture in a Ninja until super smooth, as cream cheese chunks will alter the texture of the bread.)

5) Add the egg white protein powder, sour cream, almond flour, salt, Whole Earth, baking soda, baking powder and golden flax seed meal to the cream cheese/yolk mixture. I recommend adding them in this order to facilitate stirring. 

6) Whip the egg whites in the mixer until stiff peaks.

7) Combine the bread mixture with the egg whites and mix until it's fully mixed. 

8) Spray the large loaf pan very, very well, and pour the mixture into the pan. 

9) Run a knife through the mixture to help get rid of any possible air bubbles.

10) Put the bread in the oven for at least 45-50 minutes on convection bake. If you aren't using a convection oven, it will need to stay in longer. The bread should be golden brown and very crispy to the touch. The outside might feel like a rock, but the inside will still be soft. (If it's in the oven for less than 45 minutes, the inside of the bread will likely be undercooked.)

11) Let bread cool in pan for at least 7 minutes, and then remove from pan.

12) Cut when cool, and enjoy! Feel free to post comments and pictures on Caroline's Keto Kitchen Facebook page.

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